Perfection knows no compromise.


Easier loading: Tight, secure storage space.

Weatherproof, watertight, secure, smooth-running, quiet - TEGOS flaps are the perfect answer to the question of secure storage in stowage spaces. Electric closing aids and unique closing mechanisms allow convenient and secure loading.

Flap systems

Over 30 years of experience in large-scale production and technological know-how make the big difference in quality and safety.

Flaps for recreational vehicles demand great flexibility.
A wide variety of functions and sizes as well as harmonious integration into the overall design of the manufacturer are features of TEGOS solutions.

Whether storage compartment flap, gas box flap or supply flap - the TEGOS modules fit perfectly and close tightly. As a system and development partner of OEMs, TEGOS can also provide solutions for rear garages or installation kinematics, e.g. for large tailgates.
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Tight and Water-repellent
High-quality workmanship and optional closing aid
through electromechanical locking system and stable double locking system
Silent Mode
Reduced closing acoustics
Keyless & Smart
Operation by radio remote control and sensors
Push to open
Trendy design with invisible hinges and locks


Resistance Classes RC2 to RC3
Smart Mobile Home
Intergrated Monitoring

The high security classification of TEGOS doors and flaps up to resistance class RC3 is only made possible by the patented electromechanical additional security lock and the integrated, stable double locking system. Despite space- and weight-saving components, the systems offer maximum effectiveness and reliable protection. The modern, electromechanical locking system with pull assist also provides an effective barrier against manipulation from the outside.

TEGOS smart locking systems open, lock and monitor all door and flap modules via keyless central locking with radio remote control and modern RFID/NFC chip. Up to 20 doors or flaps can be controlled in up to 4 locking circuits. A connection to the control of the base vehicle or the alarm system as well as other smart home functions can also be realized.

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