The new, carefree freedom.

TEGOS turns your caravan into a safe, mobile home.

For unadulterated enjoyment, we only let good things into the mobile living space. For this purpose, we at TEGOS have developed special doors, flaps as well as cable and locking systems that make your motorhome safer, smarter and more functional. Without compromise.
Safety and comfort for all forms of mobile travel.

The TEGOS portfolio

For industrial motorhome manufacturers, we create competitive advantages and added value through innovation, excellent quality and Swabian delivery reliability. Industry-leading security and Smart-MobileHome technology turns every motorhome into a smart second home.

Perfection knows no compromise.

When it comes to safety and comfort, TEGOS doors are the first choice for caravanners. Smart, smooth-running door modules with sophisticated closing mechanisms, electromechanical closing aids and shatterproof acrylic glass elements. Both our premium models and our high-quality TEGOS standard doors show that aesthetics and function are not mutually exclusive.


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Easier loading: Tight, secure storage space.

Weatherproof, watertight, secure, smooth-running, quiet – TEGOS flaps are the perfect answer to the question of secure storage in stowage spaces. Electric closing aids and unique closing mechanisms allow convenient and secure loading. Over 30 years of experience in large-scale production and technological know-how make the big difference in quality and safety.

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Please stay outside: No more insects and pollen.

With the help of a revolutionary surface technology, insect protection systems from TEGOS are the most efficient for motor homes. Thanks to a patented photocatalysis process, the fine-mesh protective net keeps not only insects but also microorganisms out of the interior. At the same time, it is easy to operate, smooth-running, perfectly integrated and thus the ideal upgrade for a camper or motor home.

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The uniqueness of modern caravanning lies in the independence, the flexible stay in breathtaking landscapes and getting to know special places and people.