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Extremely well networked.

cable systems
cable systems
cable systems
TEGOS cable systems

Extremely well networked.

Comfort needs flexibility. In modern motor homes, individually configured digital entertainment systems and complex measurement and control electronics are used in addition to traditional consumer connections. This increased demand for customized wiring system configuration is only made possible by a reliable, excellently designed wiring harness production system. TEGOS equips well-known brands as an integrated wiring system service provider.

Customized cable systems for the needs of industrial caravan manufacturers

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Extremely customizable cable assembly
In-house Testing Procedures

Cable harness production requires a symbiosis of manufacture and series production. Maximum individualization of cable systems with efficient logistics, adapted to the exact requirements of manufacturers according to end customer orders, is ensured by a team with many years of experience.

TEGOS cable harnesses are used in the entire on-board electronics, in battery management and in the control of complex locking systems. All necessary test procedures and documentation based on state of the art software are performed by TEGOS upon request.

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